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As someone who has taught actors since  2009 at the Screen Actor's Studio and since 2012 at The Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts, my goal has always been to help people find their own "method".  I draw from the techniques developed by some of the greats - Stanislavski (of course), Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Michael Shurtleff, Larry Moss, among others. 

Learning the ropes of auditioning is imperative as it is the only way for actors to get cast. These classes walk you through the step by step, from analyzing sides (scripts) to memorization tips, to eye-lines and self-tapes. Audition Technique is a must have for any aspiring actor, and a great way to polish and hone skills for the experienced actor.

It's a new world, so throw out the old ideas of getting the room.
Self-tapes are the new normal and Zoom is "in the room"!
Whether new to the game, or transitioning from stage to film, or simply polishing up for the auditioning season, we'll the essentials of auditioning for the camera and producing solid self-tapes.

You will learn:

  • How to quickly and precisely analyze audition scripts (sides)

  • How to make strong and unique character choices that stand out

  • How to work within the camera frame and use eye-lines correctly

  • How to correctly do a self-taped audition

  • Wardrobe & props



This 4 week program focuses on the Business of Acting

Delve a little deeper into the business end of acting as you enhance

or plan your career


    • Work with sides from current shows filming in our region

    •  How to find and sign with a talent agent

  • How to create a great promo package

  • The scoop on Actor Unions

  • Where to find non-union work

  • What to do when you get a call-back

  • Callbacks on Zoom or in person

  • Audition room etiquette 




Must have proof of Vaccination 

Masks will be worn according to Provincial Health Officer guidelines

Dates: Dates to be announced

Time: 8-10 pm PST



MAXIMUM 8 - Dates to be announced

Must have proof of Vaccination 

Masks will be worn according to Provincial Health Authority guidelines

Dates: To be announced

Time: 8-10 pm PST


Dates: To be announced

Time: 6-8 pm PST

Cost: $200.00



Whether in person or over Zoom, Joanne always created a warm atmosphere that made it comfortable to open up and explore the character.  When I knew I wanted to start auditioning again, she helped me build a groundwork for understanding the importance of creating the moment before and after, as well as visualizing my environment.  Joanne taught me awareness of camera framing so I was familiar with my playground.  And not to be overlooked, she brought "messenger" or "bit part" roles to the table, which I found invaluable!  I always learned something from her astute observation and feedback of my choices, as well as my fellow actors. Not only is she an excellent teacher, she's also a kind, compassionate, and mindful human who was instrumental in my return to acting. 

Linda Minard, Batwoman, Chesapeake Shores

Working with Joanne was a safe and comfortable experience for me. I felt energized by her positive nature and focus, while being  able to play and take the risks that I needed to. Since working with Joanne I have booked numerous commercials, my first TV appearance, and am currently performing on stage. I know that my success is due in part to Joanne’s encouragement, honesty, and work ethic.
Tonya Lee Albers , Actor, Continuum

My time with Joanne Wilson as her student was phenomenal. She is a wonderful, hands-on teacher that cares about her students. She taught me useful, valid points about the industry that I am applying as I start my career. I am grateful for her teachings as an instructor and mentor."

Talietha Sangha, Singer & Actor, KC Talent 

“ Joanne’s classes are essential to any actor looking to hone and build their technique. She takes care in meeting each student where they are at, and will work with you until you have reached your utmost potential. I felt very safe and supported in her classroom, and she gave me the tools I will forever utilize to dig deep as an actor. “

Amanda Wear,  Actor


Do you have an audition you'd like a little help with? Or maybe you'd like some one-on-one coaching for a presentation? I'd be happy to work with  you!

AUDITION COACHING:  I'll help fine-tune your film/TV  so that you are on the mark and can walk into the room with confidence!  And, if required, I can record and send off your self-taped audition. $70.00 + GST/Hour

PRESENTATION/MEDIA COACHING: With my many years of experience in broadcasting including 5 nationally syndicated radio programs ,plus professional lifestyle hosting and reporting experience,  I can help you hone your presentation. Whether it's a speech at a wedding, a media interview, or a power-point for your work I'll help you polish up and calm down, so you look and feel like a pro!  $70.00 + GST/Hour

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