If there is one thing I have experienced in my life, it is mud, plenty of mud…from challenges in my childhood to profound and painful loss. Yet even during the most anguishing times I have asked, how do I live with this suffering while keeping my heart open? Believe me, at times I felt like shutting down and shutting off…and growing a lotus in that mud and allowing it to bloom was the last thing I had in mind!

But even in the midst of my most difficult times, it was my Mindfulness practice that helped me. It connected me with something greater, wider, more spacious and loving. Through my practice I have been able to wade through life's challenges and allow creativity – my lotus – to survive. 

It's a process I like to call Conscious Creativity and I believe we can all use it everywhere, every day. Mindfulness and Conscious Creativity exists for actors, writers, artists, musicians, scientists, physicians, healers, parents, business leaders,  and activists. We are all creating, all the time. This is an invitation to create mindfully, with awareness.

As a Certified Mindfulness Instructor,* as well as a writer, broadcaster, actor and acting teacher/coach, I offer classes in mindfulness  geared to nurturing our creativity. 


If you are interested in being on my mailing list for upcoming events/classes, please go to my contact page and send me your email and I will  ensure that you are notified. Some of my classes are offered free of charge, though I often include a donation request to help non-profit organizations that are making a difference.

Namaste 💙🦋💙

*Graduate of the Lab of Meditation, Vancouver, British Columbia

"No mud, no lotus."

Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist spiritual leader and poet.