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As someone who has taught actors since  2009 at the Screen Actor's Studio and since 2012 at The Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts, my goal has always been to help people find their own "method".  I draw from the techniques developed by some of the greats - Stanislavski (of course), Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Michael Shurtleff, Larry Moss, among others. Most important to me is my training as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher*, where I employ techniques such as self-compassion, grounding and breath work. These are especially helpful for the actor to maintain a sense of self-worth. Mental health is essential in this often challenging industry and Mindfulness is a key part of that training.


As a Certified Mindfulness Instructor, I am thrilled to be offering this important methodology for your actor's toolkit.  

What is "Acting Mindfully"? It is an exploration of mindfulness techniques that help actors and other creatives. In this course, you will learn a variety of Mindfulness practices that will help you improve focus, concentration and memory,  methods to cope with stress and nervousness, self-compassion and acceptance, to fully listen to others in a scene or in your daily life, to be more empathetic,  as well as methods to deal with jealousy and envy and replace that with joy!


"Acting Mindfully 1" is devoted to learning Mindfulness techniques . It can be taken by anyone, actor or otherwise. It is a prerequisite to "Acting Mindfully 2"

Lotus Flower

In Acting Mindfully 2* we will continue to work with the many techniques learned in AM1, but we will incorporate text work from scripts . Using many of the mindfulness practices already learned , the actor will bring a deeper sense of realization to characters and scenes. 

At times, scenes and roles can shake us up. Through mindfulness, actors can adopt ways to self-regulate their nervous system and return to a sense of grounding and safety. 

*Acting Mindfully 1 is a prerequisite.




"Studying with Joanne has allowed me to access a new level of focus, tranquility and self-compassion. As an actor, these three traits are particularly important because focus is essential on set, on stage, or on the mic, tranquility is vital for peace of mind in the turbulent world of show business, and self-compassion is indispensable when faced with the constant unpredictability of casting decisions. Thank you Joanne for bringing your wisdom, peace, joy and love to the world!"

Victor Dolhai, Actor: Supernatural, Siren, Reboot, Stratford Festival



MAXIMUM 8 people 

Must have proof of Vaccination 

Masks will be worn according to Provincial Health Officer guidelines

Dates: New classes coming soon

Time: 8-10 pm PST

Cost: $160.00



MAXIMUM 8 people 

Must have proof of Vaccination 

Masks will be worn according to Provincial Health Officer guidelines

Dates to be announced.

Time: 8-10 pm PST


For those who can't make it in person due to time constraints or location, this course will be offered on Zoom. Get comfortable in your own space and learn techniques that you can take anywhere!

Dates:  Coming soon

6 Weeks

Time: 6-8 pm PST

Cost: $160.00


Dates: Dates to be announced

4 Weeks

Time: 6-8 pm PST

Cost: $120.00

*Trained & Certified with the Lab of Meditation, Vancouver
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Joanne is one of the most compassionate human beings I have ever met. I found that my mindfulness moments with Joanne were very relaxing and enjoyable. Joanne leads with kindness and care which made me feel very safe and loved. Joanne's soothing voice helped guide me to a place of focus, grounding and calm - a great place for an actor to be! I highly recommend spending time in mindfulness alongside her. If you are looking to deepen your connection to yourself in your art, I urge you to reach out to Joanne and start your adventure!

Demelza Randall, Actor: Twilight Zone, Dangerous to Know

Joanne's Mindfulness sessions are enjoyable and effective. I was interested to see how meditation sessions would be over Zoom and I actually loved being in my own bedroom with headphones; nothing was lost from an in person experience, in fact I preferred it. I especially appreciated how Joanne taught self compassion - something I struggle with as an actor as it's such a competitive industry. Her voice is so soothing, she radiates peace and kindness. I can't wait to learn and practice mindfulness with Joanne in her classes specifically for actors.

Katherine Slingby, New Year's Kiss, A Rose for Christmas

It was such a wonderful gift to ‘attend’ (via zoom) weekly mindfulness sessions with Joanne.   Her gentle guidance always brings me to a peaceful place where my heart rate slows and I become aware of the beauty and love that surround me.   On days that start with her guided meditation,  I find I that I accomplish more and with more focus.  I particularly enjoy intentionally sending love out into the world and am so grateful that this is included in the mindfulness sessions.  
Deirdre Tipping, Theatre Actor

As soon as I learned about Joanne's Mindfulness Classes,  , I couldn't pass it up. My brain was like "you need this!" The time I had with her was always so healing - her voice just calms you down instantly, from dropping your shoulders to unclenching your jaw. Her practice was a large factor in helping me overcome my fear of starting my own small business. She was so meant to do this! Thank you so much Joanne - forever grateful to have you in my life! ❤️

Nikita Auchter, Actor and Jewelry Designer


Do you have an audition you'd like a little help with? Or maybe you'd like some one-on-one coaching for a presentation? I'd be happy to work with  you!

AUDITION COACHING:  I'll help fine-tune your film/TV or theatre audition so that you are on the mark and can walk into the room with confidence!  And, if required, I can record and send off your self-taped audition.

PRESENTATION/MEDIA COACHING: With my many years of experience in broadcasting, I can help you hone your presentation. Whether it's a  speech at a wedding, a media interview, or a power-point for your work I'll help you polish up and calm down, so you look and feel like a pro!

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